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What also happened on April 3rd in history? 

---- George Washington received an honorary degree from Harvard ---- The United States Coast Guard and The Pony Express were both created 

---- The first Apple I-Pad and the first PC computer 'Osborne 1' were both created ---- The TV Guide and the very first cell phone call was made ---- ALL ON THIS DATE 4/3 !

A Special Date For Communications And Numerology ---- 4/3 ---- 

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Questions About The Kabbalah-

What Is Kabbalah Today?

There are different versions of Kabbalah today, as in Basic, Traditional, New Age, and Advanced, just as there are different versions of Art, Music, Science, and other things.

This website focuses on Kabbalah Numerology, which is NOT a separate religion. Like my definition of numerology, Kabbalah is NOT about magic or fortune-telling, either, although there are some sources for that in this world, such as astrology, tarot cards, and psychic readings.

Was The Universe Created In 6 Days, Or Did It Take 13.7 Billion Years?

The answer is both, because this author believes a 'day' was used to establish both the 7-day week on earth and to recognize 7 different phases of creation, with a different time span. But after man and woman were created, today's calendar was given 24-hour days, the months and the years, based on the sun and the moon. Here's an edited article from Aish.com: (copyright, not to be copied or pasted)

"Did Creation take place in 6 days or were they longer?

Daniel Friedmann is the CEO of a company that made the robotic arm for the Space Shuttle.

Friedmann studied the Chumash and the scientific timeline.

Friedmann concluded that if the Chumash is a real blueprint of the universe, then key facts discussed in Torah and scientific method must coincide.

 700 years ago Rabbi Isaac of Akko made the assertion that real time -- while Hashem was creating -- was different than today. Friedmann, based on this, aligns the dates of the Kabbalah with those from scientific observation. 

How (does it work)?

One Creation ''Day'' =

''1,000'' x 365.25 x 7,000 cosmic cycles =

2.56 billion years, x 6 ''days'' =

13.7 billion years total.

''1,000'' comes directly from Psalm 90:4: "For a thousand years in Your sight are as a day" -- where we learn that one day for Hashem equals ''1,000'' human years.

Rabbi Isaac of Akko made the calculation of earth's age based on this Psalm.

 365.25 is a conversion from days to years.

 7,000 relates to cosmic cycles.... All of this would also explain the fossils of the dinosaurs."

Scientists agree that each phase of the 6 days of creation (universe, space, earth, stars, plants and animals) took 2.56 billion years times 6. So each 'day' in the Torah and the basic Kabbalah refers to a gigantic era in the creation of the world. Amazing!

By the way, the date 25 of Elul is the annual birthday of the creation of the world, 6 days before every Rosh Hoshana, to remember the 6 'days' of the world's creation. (Notice the 25 and the 6 here, and 25 + 6 = 31, a number for the words "Build" and "Construction". Wow!  


SINCE 4/3/2001


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Now Available- You Can Receive Your Own Kabbalah Numerology Report!

Submit your full name at birth and birth date, to reveal and receive a Kabbalah message for your own numerology vibrations, featuring your heart, mind, body and soul, your life path, branches of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, and your matching job ideas, colors, styles, foods, oils, crystals, colognes, angels, compatibility and more!

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How can Kabbalah

be similar to Numerology? 

Kabbalah uses the Hebrew aleph-beit. It is said that the Creator used the original letters to make the world & the universe. Numerology uses the patterns of all the special numbers and their meanings, as similarly found in the basic Kabbalah, which can go into much deeper levels with the Zohar and Kabbalah.

(The Zohar is a complex work about Kabbalah. Here is an example, with the 10 Sefirot)
(from MyJewishLearning.com)

''The 10 Sefirot The nature of God (also known as Ein Sof, the endless One) is one of the Zohar’s main concerns. The 10 sefirot, which appear in mystical texts, recur in the Zohar. The sefirot are expressions through which God relates to the world. These 10 aspects of God serve as a template for human spiritual experience. The sefirot are: 
Keter (Crown) 
Chokhmah (Wisdom)
Binah (Understanding)
Chesed (Mercy)
Din (Justice)
Tiferet (Beauty)
Neitzach (Eternity)
Hod (Glory)
Yesod (Foundation)
Shekhinah (the aspect of God) or Malkhut (Royalty)''

Numerology states that the full name written on your birth certificate adds up to a number vibration. Words, job ideas & personality traits that have the same vibration may help in numerology. In Kabbalah, words with the same number may be related only if they are mentioned that way in Torah.

If you are given a Hebrew name anytime in life, that name has a special vibration, based on gematria. Gematria says that the Hebrew aleph-beit was used to create the original words for items in the universe. Even if you don't have a Hebrew name, the language you use may determine which names and words to calculate when discovering the vibrations.

We use the Western alphabet, because it is used in many modern languages. English may be an effective language for basic numerology, because some English words may be similar to the vibration of the roots of the original Hebrew names. All English & Hebrew words do not match but they may be similar, so we spent years finding words and ideas with similar roots and vibrations in both Hebrew and English.

So if your name & language for your life is in this alphabet but not English, such as Spanish, you must calculate words similar to the vibrations in your own language. You cannot simply take and translate this page into other languages. But if you use modern English throughout your life at home and at work, you can easily learn how to calculate your name and birthdate with my new book on Amazon, ''Numerology''. You can also see pages for numerology in other languages, such as Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch and Afrikaans:

Numerology should help you NOW, and not try to predict the future, & here's why:

Kabbalah reveals that letters of the aleph-beit can be translated into numbers, and basic numerology asserts that words, jobs, ideas (nouns) & personality traits (adjectives) can match the same exact numbers. (This site uses this method.)

Pythagorean theory reveals that shapes of letters and numbers are important. The I-ching reveals that double-digits have individual meanings, & similar numbers are related (like 34 & 43) (We use these methods.)



If you call an animal or food a title or name, can we change the personality of that animal of food with the brand name?

Because man and woman are involved in the vibrations of the world, the Creator gave man the ability and the job of making words and names for everything (Genesis 2:19; .. & whatever [Adam] called each living creature, that would be his name) 'Adam' is the same number vibration as the word 'numerology'!

But food and animals do not have human personality traits and human job ideas, so the name does NOT affect the personality of animals or food, or even personal things like cars, bikes, or your homes.

But some foods may help your diet, if they have the same number vibrations as yours.  



Happy Birthday to Kabbalah!

What Is Lag BaOmer?

According to the Talmud and Midrash, this day marks the death of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, a sage in the 2nd century, and the day on which he revealed the deepest secrets of kabbalah in the form of the Zohar, a major text of gematria and Hebrew numerology.

In modern Israel, Lag BaOmer is a national holiday. It is also celebrated in the Chabad communities in the United States. Lag BaOmer is Hebrew for "33rd [day] in the Omer".

33 is a special double-number in gematria. (the Hebrew letter ל or "L" is equivalent to "30" and ג or "G" is equivalent to "3") The numbers in the date 5/7 add up to 12, which is known as the happy, friendly speaker, a good date for gematria and the Kabbalah!

LagBaOmer adds up to 11, the same as Gematria and Kabbalah!

Why are basic Kabbalah and numerology like the TV show ''Word World''?

In the oldest book in the world, the Bible, Genesis 2:19-20 talks about the beginning of basic numerology, basic kabbalah and gematria. Gematria adds up to 2, numerology adds up to 19, and Kabbalah adds up to 20. Wow!

On the 6th day of creation, after animals and man were created,  it says in Bereishit (Genesis) 2: 19-20, the (Creator) formed out of the earth all the wild beasts... and brought them to the man (Adam) to see what he would call them; and whatever the man called each living creature (and place and thing), that would be its name. And the man gave names to all the (animals, places and things) as he saw them. The Kabbalah states that the original aleph-beit and its vibrations were used to create all of the things on earth, and when Adam saw them, he saw in his head the letters for each item, very similar to what you see in the TV show ''Word World''! This original aleph-beit alphabet was Adam's original Adamic language, and it was similar to the old Aramaic and Hebrew aleph-beit we use today!

What does '69' mean in the Kabbalah?

   Today's world thinks 69 is a special position in bed, but this number has a special meaning in basic Kabbalah. What number looks like the lower world and the upper world (2 circles) next to each other? 69. 69 means the active, cheerful teacher in numerology. ''Mashiach-ben-David'' adds up to 69.

   In Kabbalah.info, among 243 entries of the Ba'al HaSulam's commentary on the Zohar, 69 is special. It refers to a Kabbalah theme, ''correction of the world, then complete redemption, with the coming of the Mashiach... 'but thine eyes shall see thy teacher' & 'the whole earth shall be full of the knowledge' '' So 69 has a spiritual meaning, not just a physical 69.

   We feature Kabbalah, because to us it is more accurate and the right thing to do. This is 1 step forward from using the Western alphabet, because aleph-beit symbols have special meanings when used in name analysis and meditation. Meditate on each of the 22 aleph-beit letters for 5 minutes a day. You'll be amazed at the results.

    Here is a best kept secret of basic Kabbalah. One idea has been presented, that the first 6 millennia represent life on earth since the creation of Adam and Eve, and the 7th-9th millennia may represent religious and spiritual preparation for the life to come. Another idea is that there is one Torah verse for every year of life on earth, or 6,000, give or take a few verses. So we may see something special happen in 6000, which is about 225 years away.

The Kabbalah of the Chakras, 1 to 9

If you add up the letters in each chakra, you see the same vibration as the meaning behind each of the 9 chakras.

'1st-Chakra' =1= man, beginnings, instincts, spirit

'2nd-Chakra' =8= sexual-power, loving-emotion

'3rd-Chakra' =4=thinker, mind, freedoms

'4th-Chakra' =11=special, open-arms, balance

'5th-Chakra' =3= self-confident, speaker, listener

'6th-Chakra' =22= third-eye psychic-energy, imagination

'7th-Chakra' =5=strength, power, fate, spiritual-teacher, research

'8th-Chakra' =6= natural, active-love, people

'9th-Chakra' =7=serious, caring, loving, curious



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