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What is the difference

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KabbalahNumerology, based on this website, is a true, accurate method of discovering the numbers and vibrations in your name at birth and date of birth. 

While other "Numerology" websites are nice, they may not use the right methods, and they are different from the Kabbalah and Numerology in several ways: 

1), they may not use the birth date; 

2), they may divide your numbers instead of adding, and make up what they call your 'kabbalah number' which is not as accurate; 

3), they may try to persuade you to add mysticism or psychic readings to your study, instead of Gematria; 

4), they may not use the heavenly angels that have matching vibrations; 

5), they may use a computer program to calculate your numbers with an automatic printout, instead of a live reading by a real numerologist, which is better, in this website,


Kabbalah Blog-

What does the Kabbalah say happened in the 6 days of creation?

Because we see in the Bible that ''a day is like a thousand days in the sight of the Lord", and the ''sight of our Lord'' watching our solar system revolve in a cosmic cycle is also one of His Days, we know that each "Day" of creation really took over 2.56 billion years (7,000 cosmic cycles, how long it takes for all of our solar systems to go around the universe, times 1,000, times 365.25 days in our year)

On the first day, the separation of the waters from the waters represented the 4th dimension of all levels of the Heavens, which we cannot see, and the Earth in outer space, and God created the 3rd dimension that we can see, in outer space.

On the second day, the waters He separated were both the expanse of the earth, with our sky, and the expanse of outer space.

On the third day, He separated the waters on earth from the lands and islands, and brought the very first vegetation, trees and plants.

On the fourth day, God positioned the Sun and brought a Moon in the sky, to nourish the earth with day and night, and tides, and signs, and times. 
The other stars were already in outer space, along with other solar systems and planets.

On the fifth day, God brought the fish and birds of all types, to help fertilize the seeds and the oceans.

On the sixth day, God created all of the animals, including man, in His image, with male and female personalities, and tried to find him a helper among the animals, while man named them. When Adam couldn't find a soulmate, G-d made woman out of man, with her own female qualities.
Because man was almost perfect in G-d's image, but now separated into male and female, He wanted to see if man and woman could be good and obedient on their own, so He had to provide the angel of temptation along with the angels of good, which is why we see 2 separations evident in each of the 6 days of creation.
After all of that was done, which took 6 times 2.7 billion years, he made the 7th day a holy day of rest for us, and from then on we used the 7 days of the week to measure weeks, and months, and years.

So the age of man and woman on earth since Adam and Eve has been about 5800 years, so far.



(from Chabad.org)

'A mezuzah is written on 22 lines, which is the same number as the 22 letters of the Alef Beit. The 22 letters + 10 sefiroth of the Kabbalah comprise 32 Paths of Wisdom, along with  the 231 Gates Of Wisdom.  These Gates of Wisdom contain the mystery of creation. The text of the mezuzah has 713 letters. 713 is the (gematria) of the word teshuvah, repentance.

The word mezuzah has the value of 65, the value of a Name of Hashem, Adon-i. The total number of lines, words and letters in the word ''mezuzah'' is  22+170+713=905.

This is also the gematria of the phrase found in the Grace After Meals: Berachah Merubah Babeit HaZehGreat blessing now to this house ...'  (edited, Chabad.org)


''Whatever you see or hear in this world is a lesson in your mission in life'' (Baal Shem Tov) 

For a more religious look at the Kabbalah and Numerology, here is the oldest Tanach website on the internet, over 30 years old!



Note- these guest video speakers are not affiliated with this site- this is a public service to help the world-




Kabbalah recognizes our physical world on earth as the Sefirah of Malchut. The heavens are said to contain 4 spiritual worlds, with all 10 Sefirot, the branches of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. In the highest heavens is the Sefirah of Keter, or Crown, Hashem's presence in Heaven. The 4 letters of His name are represented in the four spiritual worlds. (We will not spell all of the letters, only part.)

y = the world of Atzilut, for the Sefirah of Chochmah, the world of the idea-

h = the world of Beriah, for the Sefirah of Binah, the world of all the details-

v = the world of Yetzirah, for the 6 attributes of Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod ad Yesod- the world of order-

h = the world of Asiyah, for the Sefirah of Malchut, or the actions done on earth and in the heavens. 

Here is a passage from my new book, Numerology:

''Numerology is meant to be fun, with ideas and information about a name, not a prophecy. You can use any name, a maiden name, married name, name as a child, a new name, or your nickname...."

"....Vibrations of words in numerology correspond to numbers of names, words and dates in time...."

".... Your date of birth may be associated with the study of astrology, but you can use numerology also, if you add your birth date and get a Life Path number, for a list of jobs which may be different from the list of jobs revealed in your name. These jobs may follow the vibrations of most of the world, which uses the same calendar that you use today."

Here are more blogs for KabbalahNumerology:



Note: because the Zohar, Kabbalah and the internet can have different levels of interpretation, this website is NOT affiliated with any other Kabbalah or Numerology websites.

How Are Numerology Numbers Related To The Kabbalah?

Many words in English have similar number vibrations in their Hebrew inter-pretations with KabbalahNumerology. For example:

9 is the highest number vibration from 1-9, and it is a very high spiritual number. 18 is the vibration of 'life' (chai) in Kabbalah. 18 is 9 x 2, as if life (18) depends on 2 higher vibrations, the power of the person in his physical world + the spirit of the Creator in the spiritual world....

The Hebrew letters in 'Hashem' add up to 12. The word 'angel' adds up to 21 in English. 3, 12 and 21 are special numbers in the Torah.

15 is a major number for 'steps', or 'ascent', or 'ladder' in the Kabbalah. In English numerology, 'step' adds up to 15.....

19 is a major number for the 'true spirit' in English numerology, and the Jewish religious calendar uses a 19-year cycle to keep the months in the true spirit of celebrating holidays at the right time of every year....

Let’s take the ladder in Jacob’s dream - Sulam (סֻלָּם). It has a numerical value of 130 [samekh, (ס) =60), lamed, (ל)=30), mem, מ)=40)]. The Hebrew word for "Sinai" (סיני), has the same exact numerical value as Sulam, although it has different letters. Hence, one major interpretation of Jacob's ladder could be that it represents the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.



Kabbalah and Numerology?


Friends have asked me, what do their job, love and health profiles look like after age 50, because many people are still working past age 65.

With the need to look and feel young in today's world, some people have asked why the numbers change at age 50, if that can change any job ideas or a love relation, or does it get any better?
This is not a number to predict the future, but it is a mature number to help you after the first five decades of life.

After a person goes thru experiences with the life-path number (which is the birth date) and the body number (which is the name), you can add both of these num-bers together to get a mature number for after age 50.
This website does not intend to calculate or predict the future, but you can use this number to help you in making your own new choices for the 2nd half of your life. 

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