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 ''Whatever you see or hear in this world is a lesson in your mission in this life"- 
Baal Shem Tov


The Zohar is said to have been written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the Rashbi, around the year 300 CE (AD), after the Torah, the Tanach and the Talmud were written (the Torah & Tanach, 300 BCE, and the Talmud, 200 CE).

The Rashbi said that the prophet Eliyahu gave him the ideas for the Zohar, including discussions on the Torah, the Tanach, and Gematria. 

The Talmud uses 2 trains of thought to explain the Torah for the scholar, PSHAT and DRASH. (The literal meaning and the serious meaning in the Torah.)

The Zohar uses all 4 trains of thought, including REMEZ and SOD, (the symbolic meaning and the hidden meanings) to help people understand the secret messages within the Torah. 

The Zohar was published in the 11th century by Rabbi Moshe de Leon, to help people see the deep messages of the Torah.

Rabbi Isaac Luria made the Zohar more fundamental during the 16th century Renaissance period. But it was restricted from general study until the 20th century, when newer books were written, because Advanced Kabbalah may have caused dangerously deep meditation for a few individuals.

How does today's alphabet compare with the Hebrew aleph-beit in Kabbalah and in Numerology?

(from a book by Robert Haralick, The Inner Meaning of The Hebrew Letters)

(In the Western alphabet, there are 27 letters, or 3 groups of 9. The same is true for the ancient Hebrew aleph-beit.) "There are 22 letters and 5 final forms, making a total of 27. The 27 letters can be divided into 3 groups of 9. The first group of 9 letters embodies the 9 spiritual channels of the creative process. They are: pulsating force, the container, nourishment, physical existence, power of being, connection, movement, life, and goodness. The 2nd group has numerical values that are 10 times the first group of 9. This second group of 9 embodies 9 spiritual channels projected into time and physical existence. They are: spirituality; crowning achievement; learning, teaching, and purpose; perfection and completion; emergence; support; insight and conscious-ness; speech and  freedom; righteous-ness and humility. The third group embodies 9 spiritual channels projected into cosmic existence. By understanding how Hebrew letters function as spiritual channels, we can help ourselves in under-standing the holy meaning and (all) the possibilities inherent in our own situations."

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Kabbalah and Numerology Blog-

The Book of Formation

The book of formation reveals deep relations between the creation of the world and their related numbers. These ideas go deeper than numerology or even the Kabbalah. Here are some examples, to show how the Kabbalah and Numerology are related:

32 is a number of the good manager; it is also the ''learning-freemason'', or the ''king'', which adds up to 23. Hashem the king is said to have used 32 mysterious paths of wisdom to create the whole universe, with 3 'Sepharim'-- numbers, letters, and sounds. 10 paths are the numbers 0-9, and 22 paths are the original letters of the Hebrew aleph-beit. 

From the air, you can hear 22 sounds of the letters and numbers, and as you can read in Genesis (Bereshit), it says from the air He created the waters, land, living plants and animals, man and angels.

3 letters, I H V, were used to separate the 6 directions of the universe: up, down, east, west, north, and south. The four letter combination of those letters (i-h-v-h) can represent the spirit (Hashem). The 3 mother letters, aleph, mem & shin, represent air, water & fire. The rest of the book gets deeper, as all 22 letters have special qualities, just like in the Kabbalah and in Numerology! 


For example, the word for 'which' is 'asher' in Hebrew. Both add up to 6, a number for ''people'.  If you spell 'asher' in English letters, you also get 6, and if you use the Hebrew letters aleph, shin and resh, you get 501, which is also 6.  The similarity between Hebrew and English words happens often in both the Kabbalah and in Numerology today.


How can you use the KabbalahNumerology today, with the Hebrew aleph-beit?

Because the Gematria uses the original aleph-beit of ancient Hebrew to calculate numeric values, the same word may have a similar value, even when the word is translated into a modern language such as English.

Here is the chart for the calculation of words and names, using the aleph-beit for Hebrew.

Notice that you have to add up the total to get the single digit for each word. For example, even if it has the values of 400 + 40 + 4, you must calculate the total to get 444, which adds up to 12, which adds up to 3.

This has been the same chart used in the basic Kabbalah for centuries:  




Examples of Hebrew numerology in the Torah

Some of the Oral Torah's best writers have the same Hebrew numerology as in some of their written works.

Moshe ben Maimon adds up to 11, and his work Yad Ha- Hazakah, or 'Strong Hand', also adds up to 11. Yad Ha-Hazakah adds up to 14, and there are 14 books in his Code of Law. He was also called Moses Maimonides, which adds up to 65, & 6 + 5 = 11. 

Jacob ben Asher adds up to 4, and his book, the Tur, has four sections. Jacob adds up to 4, and Yaakov adds up to 4.

The Shulchan Arukh was written by Rabbi Joseph Karo. His code of law adds up to 55, the same as 'numerology', and 5 + 5 = 10. Joseph Karo adds up to 10. Josef Karo also adds up to 10.


If you look at the Hebrew aleph-beit system, the number system is different from the Western alphabet, a to z, from 1 to 26 (plus tz/sz/ts, which represent 27) So you may ask how English numerology and Hebrew Gematria (in Kabbalah) are related.

When Ha-shem made His many creations, he used the basic vibrations of the universe, and these can be assigned to the letters of the ancient alphabet.

It is said that when Adam-of-Eden (whose name, by the way, adds up to the same vibration as 'languages') began to choose names for things in the world, he could see the letters and the vibrations for each word.

An example of this is the TV show 'Word World', where animals see the letters of a word and words 'create' items. (Even the name 'Adam' adds up to the same vibration as the words 'number' and 'numerology'.)

Many say Adam and Eve & his family spoke either ancient Hebrew or a primitive 'Adamic' language (the early form of Aramaic) that developed over many years, with the same vibrations as biblical Hebrew. The words of Torah were given and spelled to Moses by Ha-shem.

If you take many words and translate them from Hebrew to standard English, as we did, you will find that many of them have the same or similar vibrations, even with different alphabets. In fact, the vibrations of language, letters and numbers are said to have been given by Ha-shem as a covenant, to help us understand vibrations of the world. The words 'man's covenant' in Hebrew are 'B-rit ish', and look at what that spells: 'British'!

Even though English is a major development of languages from all around the world, with Indo-European, Germanic and Latin influences, even modern words like 'mayhem', 'nah' (now), 'B-rit', 'cafe', 'babel',  'telefon', 'adir' (dear), 'kinamon', 'shvah' and 'banana' are real Hebrew words.

A study in the North Sea featured children raised with non-speaking parents, and before they learned words they started 'babbling' in Hebrew, as if it was part of them!

Of course, not many Hebrew words sound the same in other languages, but we tested many words, and the basic vibrations used in today's alphabet (1-9 and 10-99) are the same as the Hebrew chart you see above. It is truly amazing!


(from Chapter 1, this was said to be written by Abraham)

''The ten numbers formed from nothing are the Decad: these are seen in the fingers of the hands, five on one, five on the other, and over them is the Covenant by voice spiritual, and the rite of Circumcision, corporeal (as of Abraham).

Ten are the numbers of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Learn this wisdom, be wise in the understanding of it, then, investigate the numbers, and draw knowledge from them, fix the design in its purity, and pass from it to its Creator seated on his throne.

These Ten Numbers, beyond the Infinite one, have boundless realms, boundless origin and end, an abyss of good and one of evil, boundless height and depth, East and West, North and South, and the one only G-d and King, faithful forever seated on his throne, shall rule over all, forever and ever.''


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