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Why does every word have to be calculated accurately, one-at-a-time, especially in my book Numerology ?

Please note: this website features name analysis based on the gematria value of numbers & letters, using the methods from KabbalahNumerology and Basic Kabbalah. We do not approach any form of Mystical Kabbalah:

I found in my study, before 1999, that some numerologists from the 20th century would take a few words, add them up, and then write a book on how to do what they called ''modern numerology''. But they would put words in each category that looked nice,  but were not the same exact number, and that method is not accurate calculation.

Every single word must be added one-at-a-time, with a computer or a calculator, or slowly by hand, in order to be accurate KabbalahNumerology and True Kabbalah!

Why is it so important to make sure every word has the right vibration and the right numbers?

Take a look at this: If you add up all of the numbers 1 to 10, you get the amazing total  1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10= 55, the same as the word  'numerology'. WOW!


 What is the secret
of Vibration Manifestation in the Kabbalah and in Numerology?

If you want reach a goal in life, no matter how small it is, you can benefit from the study of Kabbalah-Numerology. You can also use the positive ideas in my book on Numerology . During your study, you should state your goal, and then focus as much as you can, as your Intention.

The more you focus on your goal, the more vibrations may attract, which may equal that Frequency.

It may not happen right away, but as you focus on this, day by day,




Set your intention clearly, & write down what you want. Keep in mind not only your benefits but those of all around you.

Focus on your real intention and then let it go. Allow energy to help manifest.

Trust that your own intentions will soon manifest at the right time. You can try to vibrate to the right frequency.

Center yourself and be in harmony, through meditation and practice.

Trust fully.. do not allow any doubtful thoughts to enter your vision..

Manifestation may soon arrive to you!!




49 + 51 = 100

Start manifesting today!

 E-Mails sent from you to the author:

Why do you have a list of different types of jobs for my number?

Can I pick any one of those jobs?

All jobs listed under a certain number may be good for your vibrations. So if you like one job, you may also choose another job that is on the list, later in life.

For example, George Washington was a 7, and he wanted to be a farmer, which is a 7, but he was also a serious president in leadership later, which is also 7. His name is a special 88!

What if I like my Heart's Desire number instead of my Body number?

You can choose five different ways to follow your vibrations, which makes my numerology book so fun for you!

In my book on Numerology, you may choose your Heart Number, your Body Number, your Life Number, or your Mind Number. Or you can even change your name and go with your nickname!

When Dana Elaine Owens changed her name to Queen Latifah, her name was 11, but Dana is already 11!

When Destiny Hope Cyrus changed her name to Miley Cyrus, she changed from 82 to 28, the same number!

When James Todd Smith changed his name to LL Cool J, he changed from 52 to 25, the same number!

It's good to find out all of your numbers, so you can see all of your good vibrations!



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