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The beginning of the history of numerology can be found in the Kabbalah, which was written about 3700 BCE. * 

Even the way the Bible was translated 2000 years ago was based on the Kabbalah.

* Many scholars date the beginning of Kabbalah about 1720 BCE, after Abraham discovered monotheism. But we believe vibrations of Kabbalah began when Adam was old enough to start naming things, based on the spiritual language he knew and the vibrations he felt with each created thing, after 3700 BCE.

Biblical scholars uncovered a major but little known piece of evidence. 2,000 years ago, when Israel was occupied by the Roman Empire but before the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 AD, rabbis at the Temple had a different method of interpreting Scripture than what is known to Western culture today.

Besides the literal translation, they used a method of interpretation which is very intricate. This methodology revolves around the concept that Hebrew letters and numbers are interchangeable. It is part of the original concept of today's numerology, and it is also part of the Zohar and the Kabbalah.

Many important parts of Kabbalah have double-numbers, which in today's numerology have special meanings, such as:

Big-Bang (33),

Genesis (33), 

Ruth (22),

Numbers (11), Deuteronomy (11), Joshua (11), Isaiah (11), Dead Sea Scrolls (11),

The Tree of Life (11),  and wisdom (11)..... 

Even the 11th letter of the alphabet is K... and 11 is the special number of Kabbalah. 


 Why is the word 'Chai' a special symbol in the Kabbalah and in Numerology?

The word Chai (life) is a lucky sign in the Hebrew aleph-beit and in the Kabbalah-Numerology. It is part of the popular phrase ''L'chaim'', 'to life', and this adds up to 'luck' as well:

The letter 'chet' in the word Chai is 8 in Hebrew gematria. The 'yud' is 10. 8 and 9 are very spiritual numbers, higher than the 7 notes of the musical scale we hear on earth. The number 8 adds up to ''eternity'' and ''goal''. 10 adds up to ''spirit'' & ''helper''. 10 + 8, the numbers of the 2 letters of Chai, add up to 18, a lucky number for life.

1 + 8 = 9, 'luck' (l-u-c-k = adds up to 18).

But look at the shape of the chet and the yud. Chet looks likes a physical body. Yud looks like a head or a soul without a body, so to speak. The word ''Chai'', or life, can represent both a physical body (life on earth) and our spiritual soul, or life in the heavens.

That's what Kabbalah-Numerology can do for you. Not by looking for a fortune, but by seeing hidden messages and positive ideas or possible answers within shapes, letters and numbers in your name and birth date. You can also discover a list of job ideas and personality traits to help your life here on earth.

Who are the 10 U.S. Presidents who have the special double-numbers in their names at birth??

So far, only 10 of the U.S. Presidents have special double-numbers in their full names when they were born.

And the list provides some special surprises.....

Of course, George Washington tops the list with the number 88, as the "Specialized-Person" who was a soldier (7) and had leadership in government.

The next two were both 66, as Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams (not the father, but the son). They were known as the Progressing-Transformer.

The next two were both 11, very special but not very famous, John Tyler Jr. and Zachary Taylor. John was 56,  "Honest-Traveler", and Zachary was 65, "Basic-Visitor" who died in office.

After the Civil War, the next two were also 11, and were both special back then, Hiram ''U.S." Ulysses Grant (74, the Thinking-Renovator) and Rutherford Birchard Hayes (83, the Faithful-Partner).

In the 20th-century, the next three were also 11, very calm executives, Thomas Woodrow Wilson (92, the Still-Ocean), and Warren Gamaliel Harding (110, the calm, open arms), and a big surprise, Mr. Gerald Rudolph King (he changed his name later to Gerald Ford), who is also 11 (92, the Still-Ocean); he was needed to calm the nation at that time.

Finally, we go back to 88 with William Blythe III, the name at birth of former president Bill Clinton, who showed the same signs of leadership in government , and the same exact total name number as George Washington (88) (and who incidentally were known to have had both serious & curious private lives...).

5 Presidents whose names add up to 1 (the True, Spirited Helper) are James Monroe, van Buren, Garfield, Mckinley and Calvin Coolidge. 

5 Presidents whose names add up to 5 (the Good, Fun Manager) are John Adams, James Buchanan, Harry S. Truman, Richard M. Nixon & Barack Obama.

Stay tuned for future names of future Presidents with double-numbers in their name???


What is the goal of Torah study and the Zohar study in Basic Kabbalah and in Numerology?

Torah study may help with the religious understanding of Tanach, while the KabbalahNumerology and the Zohar may involve logical analysis of the Old Testament, and how it can be applied in our everyday lives. But the goal of both Kabbalists and Torah observers is to help repair the world, and to prepare for the coming of the Mashiach.


Add up the numbers in your birth date, for example, 1/1/11 is 1 + 1 + 1 + 1=4

Now read some of your life path ideas below- these are the vibration ideas that match your birth date, not fortune telling- enjoy!

1- ....you may love to be #1, appreciated or in charge at times....you may know how to organize speeches better than others....you may become a helper, with executive intellect, and you may have creative standards for original, inventive ideas....you may like to start new projects, give direction, or be a pioneer....for more information buy
the new book, to find out all about number 1-

2- ....you may have a loyal ambition that may provide balance and
healing to people....you may be helpful to others by putting yourself
in their shoes, thinking about both sides of the issues....you may help everyone in the group understand a project on the job....you may
choose almost anyone who likes you to be a partner....for more information buy the new book, to find out all about the number 2-

3- ....you may be cheerful, optomistic, and talented in the arts, entertainment, a writer, speaker, lecturer or even a doctor, lawyer
or tailor....you may have to try 3 different jobs before you find the career that is right for you....men with the 3 may need to find a
happy lover, women with the 3 may need a strong partner....for more information buy the new book, to find out all about the number 3-

4- ....you may be patriotic, patient and dependable to family, home and friends... because you like truth, you may do well as an accountant, banker, designer, or real estate....you may be conservative in taste,
or you may feel like the hard worker who only spends money on special occasions....you may like to relax with a committed love partner....for more information buy the new book, to find out all about the number 4-

5- ....you may be adventurous, as in willing to try & experiment....
you may be sensitive to enjoy life, but good at work, being a nurse, manager, professor, craftman, or in media or acting....you may need a friend who can shuffle and share their life, with the same stamina to enjoy life together; for more information buy the new book, to find
out all about number 5-

6- ....you may like travel, being creative, artistic & cultural....you
may do well at speaking, singing and listening, but loyal to law, truth,
and justice....you may like organizing, meditation, clubs, or art, beauty, or social events....you may need a friend or partner who helps you both look good together....for more information buy the new book,to find out all about the number 6-

7- ....you may be protective about things, as a ''what if'' goes on in your head....to others you may appear professional but shy or quiet,but loving and caring....you may prefer working alone to work correctly, with details, which are good in research, news, science, analysis....your strong mind has courage and classical ideas that can help others....for more information buy the new book, to find out all about the number 7-

8- ....you may be dependable, analytical, and hard-working, enough to receive an award.....you may be adaptable, philosophical or spiritual,and you may be a musician, host, clerk, builder, or salesperson....you may feel that if you give a little, you can earn a lot....you may need a lover who can understand your goals....for more information buy the
new book, to find out all about the number 8-

9- ....you may be a good inspiration to others, because you have high ideals as a leader, researcher, business....you may be creative but also
dramatic about money, life and people....you maybe a stylish but also comfortable dresser and a perfectionist, always trying to look a little better....you may feel a spiritual need to lead others... for more information buy the new book, to find out all about the number 9-

11- ....you may be a good associate, with energy, good as a fitness therapist, teaching or inspiring others to perform and do things...your number is special, to be very sensitive to people's needs, as a lawyer or worker in creative projects....you, like a winner, like to give 100%, and you may
be able to solve problems....for more information buy the new book, to find out all about the number 11-

22- ....you may be good at isolated details of a home or work project, because double-2 can handle both big ideas and tiny details in their
mind-concept....you may do well in film, arts, or as a tutor, driver, clerk, or chef....you may be good at jobs that need to be moving forward.... for more information buy the new book, to find out all about the special number 22-


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