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7 spiritual frequencies have been discovered, and they are all related to ancient history and Kabbalah-Numerology. Musicians can now fine-tune these special frequencies to find meditative qualities, and the numerical analysis of those frequencies reveal special surprises:

The frequency 396 adds up to 72 in numerology (69 + 3, add from right to left). 72 is the number for 72 names of G-d.

The frequency 417 adds up to 75, which means happy and artistic. This tone sounds like a happy and artistic frequency.

The frequency 444.4 adds up to the phrase ''Key of David'', and this was the frequency for the music of King David.

The frequency 528 adds up to 87, which means active and cheerful. This tone sounds like an active and cheerful one.

The frequency 639 adds up to 99 (93 + 6, add from right to left). 99 means a leader for the public, a very powerful tone.

The frequency 741 adds up to 21 (14 + 7, add from right to left). 21 means management for the body, like a doctor.

The frequency 852 adds up to 33 (25 + 8, add from right to left). 33 means working with people, like a teacher who manages, with a cheerful tone.

The internet can help you find these new frequencies in a CD. They are not sold here, but the frequencies are very special!

How is the study of the Kabbalah and Numerology different from the study of the Zohar?

KabbalahNumerology does not delve into deep aspects of magical or Mystical Kabbalah. KabbalahNumerology is a part of the field of Basic Kabbalah, but in basic study we work with aspects of logic and Gematria. This involves real understanding of the universe and the human being, and it can be helped through basic Torah study.

This is the knowledge of special numerical values, double numbers, and how numbers and letters in biblical and modern words can all have matching vibrations. These vibrations can help people with daily lifestyles, jobs, careers, and personality traits.

The Zohar is recognized as the main text of the Kabbalah, for all people. But even though true Kabbalah has roots in Judaism, KabbalahNumerology does not need to identify with any religion, people, or any major philosophy. It includes logical analysis of the spiritual meanings in words, names, and numbers. That is the same theory as much of today's numerology. 


Readers Ask Questions About The Kabbalah And Numerology:

''What is the Kabbalah-Numerology of the numbers 7, 613 & 620?''

 The number 7, also known as Lucky 7, equals the words ''serious'', ''secret'', and ''reporter'', which may be a reason why the TV Channel 7 around the world is popular for news stations.

But 7 can also mean ''religious''. The words ''Creator'' and ''loving'' equal 7. 613 is also the number for the word ''spirit'', and it is also the number of commandments in the Torah, with 365 do's (as in 365 days of the year) and 248 don'ts (as in 248 parts of a man's body).

 620 is the total of 7 + 613, and it adds up to 8, which is a word for eternity. If a man who observes Torah tries to keep all 613 laws, 7 days a week, his spirit may have eternal life, or eternity.

''What is the gematria of the names of some famous 

Kabbalah writers in  history?''

Major commentators of the Kabbalah and the Torah all have special numbers in their real names!

Rashi's full name (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki of 11th century France) adds up to 77, a special number for language and interpretation.

Rambam's full name (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, or Maimonides, of 12th century Cairo) adds up to 11.

Joseph Caro of Spain, who wrote the Shulchan Arach, adds up to 11.

Rama, who wrote the Ashkenazic version of the Shulchan Arach teaching guide, adds up to 15, a teacher's name, and his full name Rabbi Moses Isserles adds up to 51.

Here's an added surprise: when you add up the Hebrew letters to the word Halacha (heh-lamed-chaf) you get 55, the same number as the word 'numerology'!


Nine Archangels Have The Same 9 Vibrations In Kabbalah And In Numerology!

9 of the Archangels have been assigned to various tasks in the spiritual worlds above, and both their names and their job in the heavens have the same matching vibrations and numbers!

1 = Raguel = helper of G-d, spirited, true

2 = Uriel = light of G-d, friend, partner

3 = Jophiel = true-beauty of G-d, happy, friendly

4 = Haniel = harmony of G-d, enthusiastic, thinker

5 = Zadkiel = glory of G-d, freedom-and-mercy

6 = Michael = power-and-protection of G-d, justice

7 = Raphael = defender of G-d, religious-worker

8 = Raziel = secrets of G-d, success, guidance

9 = Gabriel = worker of G-d, peace-and-joy


What are the numbers in my new books on Kabbalah and Numerology?


Vowels inside a person's full name at birth can reveal your heart's desire for jobs! Or use it for your love life!


Consonants in your full name at birth reveal how you appear to those around you! This number can help you with styles, colors, colognes, and more!
The full name at birth adds up to a number for job ideas, personality traits, colors, stress, foods for your diet and more!
The subconscious can help solve problems & find answers in your dreams!


A birth date is important to help discover jobs & your lifestyle! This can also be used to find your adult cycles, and when you became an adult according to the Kabbalah and Numerology.

This number provides the key to your motivation and power!

HELP NUMBER (missing number)

This number, which is not in your name or birth date, provides ideas to help become a more balanced person!


This is not a prediction number for the future, it is a new number you can calculate for after age 50...

THIS BOOK ALSO FEATURES an intro to gematria, the history of numerology, and how to use the Kabbalah-Numerology today.




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